Is He "Bad?" 

Is He "Bad?"

Once again, Michael Jackson is being accused of sexually molesting young boys -- but this time there is going to be a trial. Everyone seems to have an opinion on whether or not he is guilty; everyone, that is, but me.

I wonder if it is even possible for him to get a fair trial. Consider this: despite not having a hit song in years, he remains one of the world's most well known and recognizable people. Unless you have been completely isolated from the world (in which case you probably would not be reading this blog) you know about the "baby dangling" incident in Germany, the first allegations of "sexual misconduct" by a boy 12 years ago and Jackson's ever-changing (warping?) facial features. Everything he does is well documented, and it has earned him the nickname "Wacko Jacko" by the press.

That brings me to my next question: Are people basing their opinions of his guilt or innocence on "the facts" or by Jackson's appearance and personality? Let's face it, the guy looks like a freak. His nose looks as if it has been destroyed by numerous cosmetic surgery operations (though he says he has only had two) and is going to fall off. His current hair and makeup make him look very feminine -- and then there is that voice! How can anyone -- let alone a group of jurors -- only consider the facts presented to them when determining whether or not he is guilty of the charges brought against him? Is anyone even paying attention to the charges brought against him? Or have people just determined that they either do or do not like him and stand by their conviction regardless of...anything.

I am interested in reading everyone's take on the subject.

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Comment Micheal has attempted to turn this trial into a media circus. Thankfully, the judge has set guidelines and doesn't fall for Micheals antics. It's interesting that on the day his victim is to testify he falls and hurts his back. It wasn't until the judge ordered a bench warrant if Micheal didn't show up within the hour. Micheal shows up and is able to wave to his fans and gets out of the car with no problem. It appears he didn't want to face his victim and yet again wanted to draw attention to himself. The man is bizzare and is in need of psychological help. My opinion is that he is guilty and I hope he goes to jail for a long time.

Mon May 16, 2005 7:24 pm MST by \

Comment If MJ had not undergone such significant changes to his apperance he probably would receive more support now. The prosecution has a very flimsy case knitted around the Bashir TV show, itself an example of bias, innuendo and suggestive narrative. Evidence in the case so far shows MJ is innocent. The fact that his appearance today contradicts the gender & ethnicity he was born with, is not reason enough to assume he is gulilty of pedophilia.

Mon May 2, 2005 4:28 am MST by Anonymous

Comment No one has actually commented on the facts of the case. All of you have only made comments of what you know from the media has spoken or showed. And so what if he has had cosmetic surgeory, so what if he wants to be a woman if that is the case, so what if he wants to be white,so you all claim... but what does that have to do with him being a child molester? What about the fact that almost every witness that the prosecution has brought on has had an agenda with Mr. Jackson.Each witness has changed their story. In any other case, I'm sure we all would consider them untrustful. Such outlandish stories of molestation, that all happened after the Bashir documentary,is really quite unbelievable. I'm tired of everyone judging him based on his looks and what the media has protrayed him to be, none of us know him, and that is why we must rely on the facts of the case, not his looks nor even his music.

Mon Apr 18, 2005 6:55 pm MST by Whozbad

Comment how dare anyone suggest m.j. not a man ,because he wears a womans hair-do,he talks like a little white bitch,bleach his skin,likes to lick little boys& he swallows.this thing belongs behind bars along with those who just know ( without any proof) he's innocent m.j. is a horrid creature , how many times will this happen again if he is not found guilty. what do you suppose he will do to his own kids , if they are his own . i think a white man is the father . i'll bet he's never made love to a women ,a woman wouldn't arouse him.if he's put on probation they will prove it ,if he's put prison he'll be a woman that is what he appears to want anyway

Sat Apr 16, 2005 3:41 am MST by bo

Comment Everyone has seen the latest news. The victim had told the dean of his school that Mr. Jackson NEVER touched him. Anyone who knows how victims of sexual abuse act, this is perfectly normal. There is NO way this young boy was going to tell the truth about the situation - that was WAY too difficult to do. Just remember that the victim is NOT on trial here - Mr. Jackson IS on trial here. The victim should be protected, and not made to look like a liar. That is just what the abuser wants to do, further victimize the victim.

Mon Mar 14, 2005 9:39 pm MST by

Comment It's extremely sad. His excessive surgery reminds me of the Fairy Tale "The Emperor's New Clothes". His greedy and apparently abusive father/promoter has pushed Michael way to early into the limelight. Combine this with a low self-esteem, compulsive obsessive behavior, a deprived childhood and millions of dollars worth of superficial substitution and you have a talented guy who falls into the void of insanity. Michael has become a victim of societies expectation and fantasy with stardom. I won’t be surprised if he commits suicide or eventually become institutionalized in a mental facility. If I had to be a Jackson family member I would keep a very close eye on him. No offense to Jackson fans but a truly gifted artist has fallen from grace a long time ago…

Fri Mar 11, 2005 12:30 pm MST by Anonymous

Comment Let me clear this up right now. Michael Jackson does not represent my feelings of America. He is celebrity on the freakish side. The obsession towards Michael Jackson is beyond pathetic. I loved his music and entertainment. Still do. But the dude needs to be sent out of this country. I cannot believe he is allowed to exist in this country. I wish Darwin worked a little more effectively. MJ would have nothing to do with the gene pool 5 minutes into the course of history if Darwin was at work. Send him to Iraq with the United States flag stamped on his head. Let see if he can charm and moon walk out of that one. Real men and real women matter. Charactateurs are folly.

Fri Mar 11, 2005 1:21 am MST by drhiii

Comment I have just watched Michael be late to court on CNN, due to "back problems." I can tell from experience tha twhen Michael got out of the car and started walking normal, and was twisting around, he is NOT in that much pain. Another point, why inthe worl would he go to a hospital so far away from his home and court when he had to be there at 8:30am PST. Although, it was a nice touch to show up in PJ's to make it look like he was really sick. Something is fishy here and this seems planned.

Thu Mar 10, 2005 11:11 am MST by Anonymous

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