Dethroning the King 

Dethroning the King

I'm sure we have all seen and/or heard by now about how Michael Jackson arrived to court in pajama bottoms last Thursday. Apparently, Jackson went to the hospital with "back problems" Thursday morning, and expected to spend the day there. The judge hearing the case, however, decided that Mr. Jackson needed to be in court and threatened to revoke the bail (meaning Jackson would be put back in jail) if he didn't appear in court within one (1) hour. Apparently, Jackson rushed out of the hospital and sped down the highway at 95mph in order to make the deadline, but still missed it by 5 minutes. Nonetheless, the judge decided not to put him in jail, and let him off with a "stern warning."

Those who have been watching Court TV have also heard that Jackson is in extreme debt. It has been reported that Jackson spends approximately 35 million dollars a year, but due to lackluster sales of his last few albums, has only been bringing in a fraction of that amount. Even with the rights to most of the Beatles' songs, Michael Jackson has "only" been earning about ten (10) to eleven (11) millions dollars a year -- not enough to cover his debts. It is estimated that Jackson owes about $450 million to his creditors, and some speculate he will be foreclosing on some of Neverland Ranch in the near future.

Regardless of whether or not Michael Jackson is found guilty, it seems "The King of Pop" has been dethroned. As for the "pajama incident," I am left to wonder if it truly was coincidental that his back problems and visit to the hospital occurred the day his accuser took the stand. While I am still largely unsure of Michael's guilt or innocence, my mind is slowly starting to turn against him. I do not want to believe he is capable of doing the things he has been accused of, but his actions and antics have left me wondering.

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Comment I'm hoping to contact Paige also - if you'd like to work together by trading links to each other's blogs please shoot me an email. We also have a growing MJ blog and would like to work together. Thanks Darren

Tue Mar 22, 2005 1:50 am MST by Darren Rowse

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