Drama and Smut: Just Another Day in Court 

Drama and Smut: Just Another Day in Court

There’s never a dull moment in the Michael Jackson trial. On Wednesday, a woman (seemingly) fainted outside the courtroom; when she became conscious again, she began screaming (what sounded like) “Michael! Michael!” The woman was then strapped to a gurney and taken away from the court house – still screaming – with a yellow tarp draped over her face and body, so as not to reveal her identity.

Court TV reported that the woman was a long-time fan of Michael Jackson’s, who stood outside the court house everyday hoping to obtain one of the admission passes set aside for the public. She was also said to be in her late 30s, and that she has been “saving” herself for Michael for over eighteen (18) years now and still hopes to one day marry Jackson and “have lots and lots of kids” with him.

Yesterday, one of Jackson’s lawyers, Brian Oxman, had to be taken to the hospital for what was later called “lung pneumonia.” The “emergency” happened at 2:30pm Pacific time, which was when an ambulance pulled up to the court house and took Mr. Oxman away.

Now, for the actual trial! It’s the (seemingly) trillionth day of looking at “adult material” taken from Michael Jackson’s bedroom during the polices’ raid of Neverland Ranch. The “adult material” largely consisted of magazines such as “Barely Legal,” which features adult women (over the age of 18) made-up to look much younger; like teenagers. The prosecution says that Jackson showed these (types of) magazines to the accuser and his brother – which in itself is illegal in the state of California – to get them to feel comfortable talking about sex with him. Oddly enough, the state DID NOT charge Jackson with showing “adult material” to minors, even though that’s exactly what they were implying.

All day the prosecution put sexually explicit picture after sexually explicit picture on a screen for the whole courtroom to see; approximately 75 in total. If that wasn’t enough, the state wanted to enter four (4) hard drives they seized at Neverland into evidence. These hard drives supposedly contained 1700 sexually explicit images on them, but the judge has yet to allow them in as evidence. Apparently, the dates that the images were downloaded were either before the boys came to the Ranch or after they had already left. Plus, there is “no way to tell if Michael Jackson downloaded those pictures, or if someone else at Neverland did.”

So all that I have gathered from all this “adult material” evidence is that Michael Jackson likes smut. OK, but that’s not what he’s on trial for. Let’s get back to what the trial is SUPPOSED to be about: child molestation. I’m still waiting for the prosecution to “blow (me) away” with some overwhelming evidence of Jackson’s guilt.

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Mon May 9, 2005 11:11 am MST by Anonymous

Comment I dont know if the guy is a child molestor or not (I beleive he is ) but one thing is for sure, he needs help, he is sick. And regardles his name he should be judged fairly and charged regardles his money or fame. Step number one: showing adult content to minors.

Fri Apr 29, 2005 9:21 am MST by medio malo

Comment Another thing about Jordan Chambers Statement: He states that he met Michael Jackson at dinner when he was five, then again at the RENT A WRECK............He states that Michael Jackson's car had broke down, and Michael was renting a RENT A WRECK until he got his car repaired. ............ Does anyone actually believe that happened?.....................One would think with Jackson's status he would simply phone Enterprise and have a car delivered or use one of his other vehicles to drive...............Surely he owns more than one? ............... This whole deal against Michael Jackson seems like a bunch of Money Hungry people out to take him for a few bucks. ........... What a wholesale waste of time having any kind of court procedings. The Judge should of thrown the entire thing out to start with. IT IS A TOTAL JOKE!

Tue Mar 29, 2005 1:51 pm MST by Bill Bixley

Comment I submit there are but a few Hard Drives on Earth that do not contain a few hundred SMUT photos. Kind of hard not to land in a site that uploads stuff to your computer automatically. Not to mention the Spy Software, and Ad Pop Ups that take control of everyones PC online. Those companies that are pumping out the porn should be on trail, not the end user. ....... ... the Attorneys for Jackson competent? Surely they have a CLUE that: 1. The statement that NANCY GRACE showed to Jesse Jackson and the entire World on TV last night has been online for 9 years. IT IS WAY OLD NEWS! 2. The same exact Attorney that handled one of the other cases is the current accusers Attorney, allowing information from that so-called case to be privy to the current litigants. Are Jackson's Attorneys that far out of TOUCH that they have not countered that the statements made by any accuser in the past 10 years is TAINTED testimony, due to the ease of availibility of that statement online The Judge allowing the statement from the 12 yr old accuser from 10 years ago is a JOKE! The Jury and this Judge must be a group of 12 people that have never had Internet Access! ...........................................1. The so-called statement made by the accuser from 10 years ago is a hoax. 2. That document has been available on line for 9 years or more. Anyone could have access to that statement, read it and make up a story similar to it. Especially a current CLIENT of the past accusers attorney. DUH! 3. What 12 yr old boy uses terms like "Climax" and "Masterbation", they say jacked or jerked off. Climax is a word used by FEMALES, not guys. Sounds like someones secretary wrote this statement. 4. No criminal charges were filed against Jackson in any of the previous attempts. Therefore, how can a Judge allow those events to be introduced into a criminal case. Prior Bad Acts should be limited to convictions, not accusations. The Legislature, which is made up of attorneys and friends of attorneys and the Courts make laws that defy normal human behavior. NO LAW AGAINST HAVING SEX WITH A FAT WOMAN IS THERE? AND NO LAWS AGAINST CONSUMING THE WORST BOTTOM OF THE BARRELL DRUGS, TOBACCO AND ALCOHOL.. There are laws however against designer drugs, the ones people enjoy using because they don't kill you like Tobacco or Alcohol. Therefore, they know people will commit these acts, and the Courts, Attorneys and Judges get RICH prosecuting and defending the person that lands in their gig. It is a trap that has been set, and they have it all planned out and designed long before a search warrant is ever sworn out. Then they all go to the Country Club and have a big steak dinner, after they buy new SUV's and Boats laughing about the entire deal. Notice lately they are mainly charging RICH people with crimes, because they don't make any money off of the poor people, that costs them money. Those women on Court TV look like they are Jealous that none of them ever got any from McCully Culkin! -

Tue Mar 29, 2005 1:12 pm MST by Bill Bixley

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